Dear Me: Sampa The Great

This month we shine light on the uber talented Sampa Tembo aka Sampa The Great, poet + singer-song writer. We admire that she is a voice to so many women with songs like FEMALE + Black Girl Magic. She’s a talented force and we’re in awe of how she uses music to promote social + political empowerment. Kick back, pour yourself a glass of bubbly + take a peak at what 24 year old Sampa would say to her 9 year old younger self. 


They will come a time when you will have to define your own womanhood. 

You being strong and soft.  

You being beautiful and black.

You being smart and funny.

May become a little confusing to some. 

I understand this will make you uncomfortable and you may want to conform for comfort. 

But consider this for a minute,

Perhaps it is that very same deep voice, unlike the high “angelic” voices of your classmates.  That might be the perfect tone to perform poetry and capture the mind and hearts of many. 

Consider that it may be that middle kid syndrome that would drive you to begin the journey to discover what makes you. You ! 

Believe me, there’s only one like you. 

Even when the doors are shut, I hope you will think of this as a redirection in your journey rather than a roadblock. 

You’ll want to give up most times.  Unfortunately you will have to work twice as hard because of who you are. 

I need your belief in yourself to be outrageous!

I need your dream to not have to make sense to anyone but you. I need you to visualise. 

Visualise yourself where you are supposed to be as the first step to manifest this into reality. 

In this picture you were not afraid to show your strength, infact you considered it your woman power. 

Do not let anyone convince you to dim your power to fit in to what is “womanly”. 

Remember, you will have to define this womanhood for yourself. 

I believe in you Sampa. I trust in your dreams and I love you unconditionally.

Be sure to dance off to any negativity and hate that happens to float your way. 

After all, I have a feeling you will be great. 

Love Sampa, 

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