the wanderer. Emily Green


Making and creating have always been great loves of mine – a fundamental part of my identity. I am happiest when drawing or painting or making and Mum has often said that my names meaning - industrious - has fit me well.

In high school I took every creative subject I could and went on to study Fine Arts at University, then Fashion and Textiles at TAFE for a year. I loved the course, but as a 21year old still living at home in Perth who hadn’t yet travelled, I decided it was time to ‘live a little’ and jumped out of the nest to live in Melbourne.

I LOVED Melbourne (still do!) and my new life in this big, diverse and inspiring city, but after 6 months of working a crappy call-center job, the reality of supporting myself began to overwhelm me. In the final year of my degree I remember feeling frustrated that there was no clear career path to follow at the end of it, and this feeling returned as I contemplated what to do next. I wasn’t interested in pursuing a career as an artist (too pragmatic) so as a 22-year-old with no clear path to earning a living doing something creative, I went back to Uni to become a teacher. I taught high school Art for a couple of years but found that all my energy was going into my students’ creative output and that I really missed making.

I left teaching to pursue what I felt was unfinished business studying textile design. The course was amazing, exactly what I needed. Soon I found that my inclination towards making and creating now had the time and space to sow some seeds; a drawing club with friends, printmaking and painting, a range of resin brooches made in the lounge-room then polymer clay jewellery.

Doing what I really loved began to work out for me. I wore the jewellery I made and soon found it had broader appeal. I managed to build a business not because I set out to make money, but because I stayed focused on the things that fulfilled me - making and creating. I’ve continued on this path and I remain excited about the places it may take me.

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