Name: Wambui

Where do you live?
What do you do?

I am the deputy Regional Director and Director of Programs at ANPPCAN Regional office

How did you get this industry?

After working for many years with the Government of Kenya as an administrator I felt the need to work closer with the people, especially children.

What inspires you?

The capacity of human beings, especially children to overcome difficulties and prosper. Also the fact that when I am gone it will not matter what car I drove or what was in my bank account, but the world may be a better place because I was important in the life of a child.

What is your life philosophy?

That the cup is always half full not half empty.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?
Retreating from the front line and cheering on others to continue improving the lives of children in Africa.
What life lesson would you like to share?

That life is a journey with many pit falls and high moments, never agree to stay in the pit. You can never completely avoid the pit falls but once fallen stand up dust yourself and continue the search for the high moments.

Any stories/statements you would like to share from your experience/s in working with the Child Trafficking program with Missions of Hope?                                   

Child trafficking is unacceptable under any circumstances because it is exploitative and exploitation of children is evil, hideous and unbearable to the human heart. And yet child trafficking continues to grow across continents and countries and within borders. In Kenya children are trafficked within the country for domestic work, agriculture and worst of all for sexual exploitation. In Nairobi where ANPPCAN is implementing a project to counter child trafficking many children are found working in homes, bars and restaurants and many are sexually exploited. Keeping children in school is one way of preventing them from getting into exploitative situations and that is what the project is doing with Missions of Hope and other schools in the project area. The faces of the children in the schools gives one a reason to go on.



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