Annie Rose Foretti


Name: Annie-Rose Foretti

Where do you live: Carlton, Melbourne.

What do you do: Make up artist

What inspires you? Strong, intelligent, creative women. 

What is your life philosophy?  "Fate loves the fearless".

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

Mum to 2 ? Climbing the ladder and doing what I still love. Making people feel good about themselves. 

What life lesson would you like to share?

Never settle, never get comfortable because you'll never get anywhere. Those that take short cuts and the easy road in life fall harder. Hard work does pay off and sometimes you have to make sacrifices. If things don't work out like you planned trust that everything happens for a reason. It's all about timing in your universe. 

You get back what you give. 

What springs to mind when you hear the word HARMONY? 

Happiness and freedom.

How do you bring HARMONY into your life?

Balance. As a mother, a wife, a woman, we give so much of ourselves to others. Our time and  energy. It can be physically and mentally exhausting. It can consume you. You can feel like you've lost your identity. 

It's so important to have your own outlet. I need to be creative, whether it's in cooking, drawing, sewing, gardening. It's my outlet that brings Zen to my soul. 

Where can we find you:
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