Hem up- Ikoni Blazer sleeve length

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Let us know how you would like your blazer sleeves to fit and we’ll keep it on file, so you never have to tell us again!

If you're purchasing the Ikoni Blazer online and want to use our Tailor It service, you'll need to follow a few simple steps to ensure your item is perfect for you.

  1. Carefully select your size, referring to the measurements provided on the product page.
  2. Purchase your Ikoni Blazer accordingly. Take note of the length of the arm as listed on your selected size.
  3. Select the Tailor it option and let us know by how many centimetres we should take up your blazer sleeve in the Special Instruction.
  4. Proceed with purchase and your Ikoni Blazer will arrive perfectly tailored to you within 14 business days.

If you are unsure about our fit and sizing you can always order your item first, try it on at home and send it back for tailoring! We keep your Tailoring preferences on your customer profile, so you only need to tell us once.


If you already have the Ikoni Blazer at home find it on our website, select the Tailor It option and follow the instructions below. You will need a tape measure or a pin

  1. Try on your Collective piece. Make sure you are standing on an even surface. 
  2. Place a pin where you want the arm to end. Only pin one side! We’ll make sure they are the same length and look perfect. Alternatively, please send us the length, in centimetres, you would like taken up. Measuring from the end of the sleeve to the new spot you would like the garment to finish. 
  3. Please put your length requirements in the Special Instructions box and proceed with purchase. Post your Ikoni Blazer back to us and we'll perfectly tailor your blazer and get it back you in 14 business days

After we make an item tailored to you, we cannot except an exchange or refund.