Ukoo top

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  • Round neckline
  • Boxy relaxed fit
  • Features 18cm exposed metal zipper at back of top
  • Acrylic wool fabric


Ruth wears size 8 in the Ukoo Top. This print was handpicked by collective tribe members Wairimu + soured from Ruiru, Nairobi.

Made in Melbourne.

Red and blue checks have adorned the shoulders of the Maasai tribes for generations, the beautiful colours of the Shuka allowing the Maasai to blend effortlessly into their rich earth surrounds. Historically the many tribes of the Maasai have marked their place amongst peoples and drawn identity from the unique configurations of colour and check found in Shuka. Just north of Kenya’s capital in the community of Ruiru, vibrant colours signifying bravery, strength, unity and energy are meticulously dyed onto hand woven fabrics. Our partners in Ruiru have been carefully hand-weaving fabrics for the people of the Maasai since 1979. What’s more they are truly partners of Fashion That Gives A Crap with a committed history of giving back through educational programs, clean water initiatives and infrastructure investments for the community of Ruiru