Power Threads

3 Women wearing Collective Closets winter staples
Welcome to the world of Collective Closets, where empowerment is woven into every stitch and style. Here, we celebrate the vibrant essence of the Collective Closets woman – a force to be reckoned with, a beacon of self-awareness, and a youthful spirit that defies age.

Weaving personal style into your life is a statement of empowerment. It's about embracing your quirks, preferences, and uniqueness. Power Threads proudly celebrates the individuality of 3 talented and inspiring women by showcasing how they weave their personal style into 3 wardrobe must-haves from our current collection Evolve.

3 women wearing Collective Closets bold fashion.

At Collective Closets we take the celebration of individuality seriously and we proudly bring to the forefront three extraordinary women. Meet Edna, Maria and Dawn, the spirited women who grace Power Threads.

Edna Lekgabe is a Melbourne-based perinatal and reproductive psychiatrist, a mother of 2, and a fashion enthusiast. Maria Harran, a graphic designer whom we describe as the queen of color, possesses the uncanny ability to pair unlikely color combinations. Playfulness, color, and bold graphics are her love language. Dawn Faith is a multi-disciplinary creative entrepreneur who runs several businesses, creating content, products, and services to inspire, encourage, and support the 21st-century woman.

3 women wearing Collective Closets
At Collective Closets, we don't just provide clothes; we empower you to embrace your authentic self with fearlessness and style. Be the fabulous individual you were meant to be. Own your authenticity, curate your wardrobe, and infuse your personal style into every aspect of your life.