noun: harmony; plural noun: harmonies

  1. The combination of simultaneously sounded musical notes to produce a pleasing effect.

‘the piece owes its air of tranquillity largely to the harmony’

  1. The quality of forming a pleasing and consistent whole.

‘delightful cities where old and new blend in harmony’

  1. The state of being in agreement or concord.

‘man and machine in perfect harmony’

We define harmony as a state of tranquillity and acceptance with oneself and the world around us. Finding a personal path and living a truth. We strive for harmony in our endeavors, taking inspiration from those throughout history who are its champions.

In building our harmonies, we layer notes of our creativity, hope, optimism and courage. Mixing multicultural Australia with ancestral African heritage.

The “Harmony” collection was designed to inspire, encourage, promote friendship and kinship and allow us to praise the innovators, forward thinkers, activist that work hard to help make the world a cohesive, functional and dynamic in their own way.

For this collection we pay homage to our harmonious hero’s and the unconventional lives they lived.


The 20th century writer and playwright, James Baldwin found his peace exploring the boundary space between sexuality, race, class and the human psyche in a world riven by division and turmoil.


Ethereal songstress Nina Simone wove the beauty and struggle of the world into her aura of spiritual and musical presence; equal parts silence and glorious power.


Educator and social activist Evelyn Scott was a solid believer in education as the key to social change. Evelyn worked tirelessly to ensure indigenous voices shaped the considerations of Australian Government law.


Like our hero’s we want to inspire all to look within their lives and see where they can make a difference, and create unity in their collective.


The sisterhood highlights a collective team of women who dream, who struggle and strive through their passion to go out there and get it.

This collection pays homage to our sisterhood + the women behind our collective. We’ve established our own collective group of inspirational woman and we are so proud to stand with them. This collection is a celebration of the inspirational woman and mentors in our lives. In celebrating our unique differences, we celebrate our collective strength drawn from all walks of life.

We want to pour light on the empowering women who have encouraged and supported our label from the very beginning. These are our hero’s and inspire us on a daily basis. We want to celebrate the power and liberation that comes from dressing for yourself and not for a man. This collection is for the bold, adventurous, free spirited woman that marches to the beat of her own drum.

We admire the creativity, inventiveness, innovation, ingenuity, imagination, originality, strength + individuality that is Solange. We stand by + admire poet and civil rights activist Nikki Giovanni for her unique and insightful, poetry that testifies to her own evolving awareness and experiences: from child to young woman, from naive college freshman to seasoned civil rights activist, from daughter to mother we are inspired by her story and strength to challenge and push the boundaries.

Like these inspiring woman we too want to be part of a conversation that promotes successful woman + a code of conduct that up lifts our sisters. So let’s celebrate the game changers, the talented thought provokers that inspire us to create and embody the definition of the sisterhood.

Who’s in your sisterhood?


The name of our second collection is Luanda 1975. It’s inspired by our mother and her native Angola. The Luanda of 1975 was a dynamic melting pot of political and social ideology that would revolutionize the country and the dreams and aspirations of it’s youth. While also fulfilling the prophecy of the previous generation, whose fight and sacrifice had led to the end of colonization.

Luanda 1975 was about hope, freedom, enlightenment, living in the moment and looking to the future. As well as being the revolutionary center of the country, Luanda was the backdrop to our mother’s early twenties where she experimented with style that was fearless, bold and unapologetic - a style that mirrored the spirit of Luanda at the time. We see this collection as a time capsule in which we embody the lost archives of modern Africa.

We want to transport you to a recently liberated Angola, a moment in history re-imagined through our pieces, guided by our mother’s lens and her experiences.

With this collection we want to pay homage to the unapologetic confidence + attitude that defined women around the world in the 1970s, when women’s fashion broke free from restraint. Luanda 1975 is a stylistic mix of fresh color combinations with modern tweaks that push individualism + promote self expression, keeping in line with our philosophy of well made (tailored) trans- seasonal pieces.

We want the pieces in this collection to evoke strength + confidence in spite of the monotony of the daily grind just like the woman who expressed these qualities in her style.

This is our salute. This is our interpretation.


Our first collection draws heavily on our ferocious appetite for individuality, boldness, self-expression, and comfort.  The result has been the creation of a line that will suit the woman who wants to be herself, who is subconsciously aware of the trends but is not dictated by them. The collection allows for personal interpretation, where the individual is at the center, and the clothing remains secondary, compliments the mood, lifestyle of the individual.

It was really important for us to create pieces that evoke something personal, an intimacy between the garment and its wearer. We wanted to create an affordable, seasonally adaptive, stylish but comfortable collection, with emphasis on quality and finishing.