Traditions weave both the individual and collective fabric of our human existence. They are what both sets us apart and bring us together, the innate rituals that occur throughout our days. We can adopt these rituals from others or create them ourselves, little moments that create comfort and routine in our chaotic lives.

 This collection is a celebration of your traditions. Maybe it’s buying yourself flowers after every pay-check, catching up with a particular friend once a month, or watching trashy TV in bed on a Saturday morning. Traditions can be as large-scale or minuscule as we choose for them to be. Often, they involve extended family, united communities or entire cultural sects of people, rituals that have trickled down multi-generations.

 We want to know what your traditions are. We want a little window into your space, a sneak peek into your world, some insight into the rituals that you choose to honour time and time again. Is it something you do with your family? A date that you share with friends? Is it a moment you have by yourself, a tiny blip in the busy span of your day?