Nothing to wear?  Bored with your closet? Need to buy a whole new wardrobe?

Don’t worry- we got you.

As we collect life’s intangibles (moments, memories, experiences), we also seem to collect a lot of stuff. Don’t get us wrong- physical items can hold immense sentimental value. But for the most part, we find ourselves accumulating items simply because we want it and we can. As valid as these reasons are, we wanted to create something you could collect with a little more of a purpose. Is it ground-breaking? Probably not. Is it your new wardrobe essential? Absolutely.  

We are asking you to look in your wardrobes, pull out your tried-and-true Collective Closets favourites from the past and give your look an update with our new trans:seasonal pieces.


We’re giving you 4 new tops, two pairs of our famous pants, one tote and an abundance of new styling opportunities. We’re repurposing our deadstock fabrics and bringing back the check prints you know and love, Style with last season’s pants or skirt for a matching set, opt for the navy option for a monochromatic look or layer with your favorite sweater or button-up. This is your outfit refresher. Add a shirt, a pair of your fave jeans, a fun shoe or your beloved skivvy. These are your not-quite summer, sort-of winter, tide-me-over pieces that are made for mixing and matching. 

This collection is about consciousness. We are repurposing and you’re restyling. We’re choosing to think a little harder, be a little smarter and spend a little wiser. Shop your wardrobe and let’s think trans:seasonal.