women who dress.

We grew up in an era where we watched our mother and aunties dress up every day. We admired the power these women felt as they gave themselves a final nod in the mirror as they headed out the door. They believed no occasion was too casual for a twin set and a red lip. They believed in embracing the power of dressing up. They believed in always putting their best foot forward, feeling good in their skin celebrating the female form in whatever shape it came.

In a social climate permeated by criticism of the way women dress, we celebrate individual expression and the freedom to dress how we want. Get dressed up with nowhere to go. Printed two-piece set for the groceries! A statement shoulder to run some errands! Wear all the things you’ve been afraid of- with pride. Dress code rules apply in serious situations only (life or job-threatening, perhaps).

Envision a world without the morning wardrobe-rummage anxiety that leaves you flustered with half of your clothing on the floor. This collection is about taking that away and replacing it with unapologetic, unwavering, unabashed confidence. This collection is about self-love so damn good, you’re positively glowing.  

Women Who Dress pays homage to the impeccably stylish influences in our lives: the aunties, mothers and grandmothers we always looked up to. There’s strength in expressing yourself. We present you with the challenge of doing what you want, when you want. And never letting anyone say you’re “overdressed.” Never!!!

We, the ladies of Collective Closets, want you to empower you to show off your legs, wear some color and don’t be shy to dress up.