Collective Closets looks to lessons learnt and to be learned for our Autumn/Winter ’21 collection, WISDOM. One of the greatest gifts one generation can give to another, wisdom is in  our experiences and reflection. For us, wisdom is the story behind our shuka, the ethos behind what we do and the knowledge we have gained over the years as a sister-led small business.

 Are you an old soul? Maybe your wisdom was passed down, through generations of storytellers, wonderful mistakes and the lessons we learn from them. Maybe you gain wisdom in the risk-taking moments, the ones that put you out of your comfort zone but make you feel truly alive. 

This collection is introspective and exploratory, a culmination of our prior experiences that have come to make this moment. In an edit of feminine sillhouettes, luxe details and ever-vibrant colours, this season we are dressing the best versions of ourselves: patient, present and always passionate. The Collective Closets women is always learning and forever curious. What wisdom can you share?