The wanderer is a celebration of nomadic spirit, a celebration of beauty that is woven into this textile.

The shuka, represented by the Maasai, is symbolic of the untold. This cloth represents raw beauty, resilience, power and strength.

This collection draws down from those that are free to wander outside and off the beaten track. East African nomadic warriors interpret life as a way to trust one’s self. 

Be free, trust and venture into the unknown, unburdened by weight and pressure, without clear direction. The wanderer urges you to create your own path + follow that voice within. 

The story of these warriors intrigues us, since the beginning of time these people have been shaped by their environment and sheltered by the shuka, not only for personal adornment but as a powerful medium. 

We want you too to draw your own identity + strength from your surroundings + as you venture into the unknown. Not all who wander lost.