Mission of Hope 2

 We all love to look good and not necessarily spend a lot of money but the price of our appetite for cheap and throw away fashion comes at a cost to someone somewhere. Developing a label that was socially conscious and reflective of our social ethics was important to both of us. We wanted to make sure that every aspect of our design and manufacturing was supportive, symbiotic and mutually beneficial for everyone involved.

With the success of our first Mission of Hope it was important for us to reflect on our current mission and look at how best we could give back to our community, but also look at a more sustainable model that could have a longer lasting impact. In the theme of our last collection '"The Sisterhood" we want to continue to be part of a conversation that promotes successful women + a code of conduct that up lifts our sisters.

We discussed what we wanted to achieve with Wambui the director at ANPCANN who later introduced us to Sophie who runs The Child Education Sponsorship programme within ANPCANN. This programme empowers girls through education; meeting their school needs by giving them access to education + vocational skills training in Kenya through sponsorship

Poverty has a strong influence on gender + equal access to education due to both direct + indirect costs of sending children to school. ANPPCAN works with all children, both boys and girls. But are cognizant of the fact that different children have different needs and that the issue of gender plays a critical part in what children go through.  If you look at the education statistics in Kenya you will observe that more girls than boys drop out of school as they advance in age.

We’re super thrilled to introduce to you 14 year old Julian Atieno Remba who through our Mission of Hope + partnership with ANPCANN’s Child Education Sponsorship programme started high school earlier this year. Julian is a student that hails from the slum of Mathare in Nairobi County. Julian comes from a single parent family, who’s mother passed away 5 years ago. Julian is 1 of 3 siblings whose father did not have the financial means to send Julian to school.

Like many children from poor backgrounds whose parents do not have the financial means to send their children to school, Julian almost fell victim to the sad reality that she too may face the possibility of looking for employment at her tender age rather than having the opportunity of going to high school.

She has dreams of becoming an agricultural engineer and through The Child Education Sponsorship programme + Collective Closets this dream can now become a reality. Julian has promised to work hard and started high school earlier this year, she hopes she can help other girls within her slum home whose dreams have been shattered by poverty to also fulfill their hopes of going to school.


So this is where you guys can get involved, it’s so easy!

For every garment purchased by you our customer you automatically donate  towards Julian’s schooling. Our mission is to see Julian thrive + achieve her dreams in becoming an agricultural engineer.

We'll keep you all posted on Julian's progress at school and in advance thank-you for making a change in her life. 

Laurinda + Fatuma