Everyday Muses... Emma Minde

Emma wears the Amani Culotte Pants in size 12 ($220)

Everyday Muses is a celebration of our versatile, cult classic pants and the diverse community of women who wear them. The last year taught us just how dynamic our wardrobes can be. With our lives constantly changing – in and out of lockdowns – we learnt the importance of versatility in our wardrobes. We want our wardrobe building blocks – the pieces we rely on again and again – to move effortlessly from weekdays to weekends, varied in silhouettes, colour and fabrics.

At Collective Closets, we want to help you find your perfect pants. Designed for comfort, ease and style, our Amani Culotte pants and Urafiki High Waisted pants are crafted from breathable, durable fabrics. These are pants that move with you – from desk to dinner, lunch breaks to pram strolls, nights out to lazy mornings in. These cult favourites celebrate and champion the female form – and through our Tailor It service, we can help you find the pants that feel like they were made for you. Meet our Everyday Muses.

Emma wears the MMVCE Tee in size M ($40) Urafiki High Waisted pants in size 12 ($215)

Today, we're spending a day with the Senior Creative Strategist at Immediate, Emma Minde.

Emma's full-time role, in essence, is about 'treading the line between creativity and logic'. On a quest to bring brands and people together, Emma's all about being in the right place, at the right time, with the right ideas.  

When she's not working, Emma's getting active in one way or another – riding her bike, playing futsal or exercising her basketball skills. Wearing our Urafiki High Waisted pantsand Amani Culottes in black linen, Emma can move freely between her workday and weekends.  Whether it's a pint or pedalling kind of afternoon, Emma's wardrobe stays ever-adaptable.  

Emma wears the MMVCE Tee in size M ($40) Urafiki High Waisted pants in size 12 ($215)

Could you tell us a little about what you do?

I’m a Creative Strategist working in advertising and marketing. Basically, I tread the line between creativity and logic.

Tell us what your day to day routine looks like?

My day to day is pretty random, I’ve never been one for routine. It can start anywhere from an early morning gym session to reluctantly rolling out of bed at 8:45. Eventually, I make it to my desk, which has been my dining room table for the last two years.

The coffee machine goes on first, laptop goes on second and then I’m straight into it. I’ve recently started chopping my day up into 25-minute blocks, so I do 25 minutes on and then break for 5 to 10 minutes, depending on how much I have on for the day. I find it’s really helped me avoid getting stuck on the same problem for too long and gives my brain the space it needs to magically connect the dots.

Once the workday is done I’m either at futsal, basketball or enjoying a drink or food with friends (ideally in the sun). Beermash has been my summer drinks staple – don’t blow up the spot though.

Emma wears the Jua Shirt dress in size M (unbuttoned) ($250) and the Urafiki High Waisted pants in size 12 ($215)

Describe your fashion sense in 3 words?

Aaliyah, Michael Jordan, Rihanna (stretch goal).

What do you love most about our cult classic pants?

High waisted pants are so versatile, they’re the ultimate dress up and dress down pants. Plus, I’m tall and I have a lot more butt than I do waist, so high waisted pants are one of the few pant styles I know will be flattering on me every time.

Emma wears the MMVCE Tee in size M ($40) Urafiki High Waisted pants in size 12 ($215)

What do you want your style to say about you?

I don’t think I want my style to say anything about me per se, but I see fashion/style as a good ice breaker. I’ve met so many amazing people through an appreciation and interest in fashion and style.

What are your go-to wardrobe staples?

High waisted pants (honestly) and a crisp white tee.

Use one word to describe how you feel in our pants.


Emma wears the Amani Culotte Pants in size 12 ($220)

What's your International Women's Day message?

I expect and want more from men. Women across the world have been fighting for equality for centuries – but the cold hard truth is that until men are willing to do the work and recognise what role they play in day-to-day inequality, we’re not going to see the change women have earned and deserve.

Whether you’re an artist, creative, corporate, athlete, however the hell you make your money – if you’re not actively showing up for women you’re a part of the problem.