Talking to Eleanor O'Connell

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At Collective Closets, we believe in individuality, authenticity, and celebrating the power of a woman. As businesswomen, we share the story of our influences and upbringing through our designs and the beautiful textiles we grew up with. We created Collective Conversations to spotlight the amazing women in our community and find out how they share their own stories. This series spotlights members of our tribe, gaining insight into their values, passions, and the drive behind what they do.
This month, we’re talking to Eleanor O’Connell (she/her). The Founder of Melbourne-based slow fashion label Siren Sais, Eleanor believes in “loving deeply and always leaning into creativity”.
Over the last decade, Eleanor’s been able to let go of the “micro-details” of what other people think. “The beauty of age and life experience is that you stop giving so much of a f*ck about silly things like that,” she says. “Because at the end of the day, everything comes back to you.”
Eleanor is passionate about making conscious fashion choices, always encouraging her customer base to lean into natural, sustainable materials. Below, she speaks on change, balance and her personal evolution so far.
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Describe yourself in three words.
Silly, spontaneous, and sentimental.

Who's a style icon that you are channeling this season?
Moesha! The colors, the vibe, the silhouettes! When will black girl ’90s magic ever not be iconic, though?

What has your personal evolution looked like?
It looked like a visual representation of a Wassily Kandinsky painting: abstract and full of color and life.

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How do you balance your career, personal life, and passions? Is there such a thing as balance?

Oooh, that's a hard one! It’s a constant work in progress. On a practical note, I use a wall calendar religiously and have a notes system/checklist on my phone that is in constant use. 

How have you evolved as a person?

Explorations are always at the forefront, and saying yes comes naturally to me. If anything has piqued my interest, I have explored it wholeheartedly. This has entailed extensive travelling and living abroad, exploring different careers (I was once a doula, but that's a different story for another time), loving deeply, and always leaning into creativity.


What are the ways you stay grounded and take care of yourself?

To put it simply: nature, exercise, music, gardening, making things, family, and friend's.

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What stage of your evolution are you currently in?

I’m in my ‘work hard, rest hard, love hard’ era. 

Why is it so important to honor yourself?

Because at the end of the day, everything always comes back to you. 

Which things felt important to you ten years ago that no longer matter to you now?

The micro details of what people thought of me. The beauty of age and life experience is that you stop giving so much of a f*ck about silly things like that.

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 As you've changed and evolved, how have the people in your life adapted to your evolution?

The people still in my life through all the adventures and explorations have also been evolving alongside me. They are a constant form of inspiration, and I love them with all my heart.

How has your personal style evolved through the years?

By understanding the shapes that suit my body best, letting myself become obsessed with colors and fabrics, not giving a f*ck about fashion trends, and making conscious choices through ethics and sustainability.


What do you envision the final form of your evolution will look like?

My evolution will not have a final form, and I look forward to the next life where it continues. But if we did speak about this life, then you'd catch me living between countries, mountains, beaches, and the major cities of the world.


Follow Eleanor here on Instagram and view her beautiful Siren Sais creations here.