Talking to Zee Scott


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At Collective Closets, we believe in individuality, authenticity, and celebrating the power of a woman. As businesswomen, we share the story of our influences and upbringing through our designs and the beautiful textiles we grew up with. We created Collective Conversations to spotlight the amazing women in our community and find out how they share their own stories. This series spotlights members of our tribe, gaining insight into their values, passions, and the drive behind what they do.

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This month, we're talking to Zee Scott (she/her). A British expat now based in Melbourne, Zee splits her time working as a marriage celebrant, event MC, baker of colourful cakes and all-around creative. A lover of art “in all forms”, each of Zee’s converging career paths has led her to where she is today.
After years of trying to balance people-pleasing and doing what’s best for her, Zee feels she’s finally in her “I believe in myself and what I have to contribute” era of her evolution. “If you do not honour yourself, you will not love yourself enough to stop everyone else walking over you,” she says.
Ever-changing and always driven, Zee’s found her purpose in bringing joy and love to the lives of others – while always serving herself first. Below, Zee speaks more about her personal evolution.

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Describe yourself in 3 words?

Fun, Optimistic, Driven

Who's a style icon that you are channeling this season?

My three forever icons: My Mama, My sister [Shereen] and Audrey Hepburn. I do however admire a collection of people and appreciate different styles… It really depends on the Day!

What has your personal evolution looked like?

It has been a whirlwind of a journey. So many different paths but I truly believe I needed to live those lives to get to where I am today.

A born and bred Londoner, I have always been a creative person. I love art… all forms but theatre, film and music are my biggest passions. I studied performing arts and was obsessed with musicals - I still am!

I always knew I wanted to work in a creative environment and originally thought that would be as an actor [or on a really daydreamer day - a model! Ha].

I have had a number of corporate and retail management jobs because I thought that was what I needed at the time I had them. I didn’t last very long in them, I would always find my way back to the arts or to a creative role.

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How do you balance career, personal life, and passions? Is there such a thing as balance?

I think there is but you have to be in charge of it and make sure it happens. Also, to accept that the scales are always tipping so, you need to look at the big picture.

It’s not about just popping a schedule together. It’s about commitment and dedication. Working for myself allows me the freedom I need to adjust my schedule whenever I need. I love that freedom to just have a lazy bed day or attend the school assembly. But other weeks might be jam packed with work and it’s up to me to ensure that I step back and look at the big picture. I may have some weeks where work is heavy but I need to see where I can get that balance… I look at the whole month and ensure I schedule time to spend with my family and time for myself.

There is a lot of time management and forward planning… and don't get me started on the colour coded calendar!

How have you evolved as a person?

I have learned to truly listen to myself and allow myself to dream big. I used to set a lil’ ceiling for myself…. I didn’t want to be seen as though I was trying to be better than I was. BUT I realised it was the people around me…they didn’t have any ambition or drive and would judge me if I tried anything new or got too ambitious. Rather than congratulate me for my wins, they would point out negatives or make me feel bad about wanting ‘more’.

What are the ways you stay grounded and take care of yourself?

Spending time with my son and partner, we love eating out and going to the movies. I love spending time alone also, I have days where I just stay in bed all day. I’ll watch movies that I’ve seen a million times and I’ll treat myself to a nice lunch.

A long walk whether at the gym or on the streets really helps clear my mind. If I need an instant boost of joy, I’ll book a brunch date with a girlfriend or two. That always resets me!

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What stage of your evolution are you currently in?

I’m at the ‘I believe in myself and what I have to contribute’ stage. Over the last few years, I have started to care less about what others think. It has done wonders formy mental health. Yes, I’m still an anxious ball of fluff but I have started to believe that I CAN. I have achieved so much and reached a number of goals in the last year alone, I believe that’s down to me evolving as a person. I allow myself to make mistakes and I acknowledge the times I don’t succeed.

Why is it so important to honor yourself?

You are your own keeper, your number one cheerleader. If you do not honour yourself you will not love yourself enough to stop everyone else walking over you.

Which things felt important to you ten years ago that no longer matter to you now?

Trying to be for everyone… trying to please people. I would often get an email enquiry about a job, a job I didn’t want to do. Maybe it wasn’t my style of cake or maybe I was already fully booked. I’d sit in a ball of anxiety before agreeing to take on the job. Purely because I didn’t want to let the person down.

Now, I just say ‘no’!

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As you've changed and evolved, how have the people in your life adapted to your evolution?

I’m not a high maintenance friend, I’m the friend who pops in every fortnight or so to inject fun into your life!Some people need more than that and that’s fair enough.

Most of my friends now still work in the arts, they are off on tour or work long hours. We have a great friendship circle… multiple DM’s, whatsapp and Messenger groups… Every now and then, we are all in the same City on the same date and we meet up in person!

I also have my friends back home in London, the ones who have also stayed the course and who I check in with whenever I go home.

How has your personal style evolved through the years?

My body has changed so much over the years… especially since having my son almost 8 years ago. My style has only changed to accommodate my love for my body and where it is at. My current style is comfort meets fun meets eclectic! Can that be a style? HA.

I have never been one to allow the latest style/fashion trend. My Mama always taught me and my siblings the importance of being yourself and developing your own style. One day I might be in leggings and a hoodie, the next in a suit and then a dress… but almost always kicks [trainers] - that’s the comfort!

In my early 20’s I went through a period of wearing black leggings and a bodysuit with green cowboy boots… that was it. The full outfit! My body was banging and that was the last time I didn’t care what others thought of me! HA.

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What do you envision the final form of your evolution will look like?

Ohhhooo, tough question, there is still so much I want to do! Is there a ‘final form’?

I like to think that I will be constantly evolving until the ‘end’! Who knows what tomorrow will bring. Mine and my family’s needs are constantly changing and thus so will I. I’m currently in my ‘it’s all about me’ era… not as selfish as that may sound. I’m dedicated to saying ‘yes’ to things/work that see me grow or ‘fills my heart’... not just saying ‘yes’ to things because it’s 'income’.

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