The BIG Pivot

Almost a decade ago, we were sitting in a cafe in Nairobi when the inspiration struck for Collective Closets. Watching local women selling these vibrant, incredible shuka textiles, we knew they were fabrics that needed to be showcased in Melbourne.

Our brand was born back in 2015 and we couldn't be prouder of all we've achieved as sisters and business partners so far.

If we’re honest, the past three years have been difficult for all small businesses. In the last few months, our local manufacturers made the choice to close down. And after years of working together and building our business relationships, we need to find another manufacturer to fill that very important role.

It's important to us to find a manufacturer who aligns with our design principles. We're all about thoughtful, affordable and well-made clothing; pieces designed to last the distance in your wardrobe. So instead of rushing into a collection with a new manufacturer, we're taking the time to find that perfect fit.

Our brand is about community and celebration of culture, which is why we're heading back to our roots, to gather some inspiration and remind ourselves of where it all began. In pursuit of a new manufacturer, we're heading back to Kenya. We're so excited to build new job opportunities and create a more holistic, autonomous supply chain.

This last year has encouraged us to reflect and take a look at what's not working for us. We constantly want to be evolving with our amazing customers which is why we've decided to move Collective Closets solely online (for now) and move out of our space at the Queen Victoria Market- Sunday 2nd October will be our last day in-store.

If you have have any questions about the upcoming changes, customer service will be available at You can also check our socials and watch your inbox for more information to follow.

We can't wait to come back better than ever.


Laurinda + Fatuma x