Mother Figures: Talking to Maggie May Moshe


 Who is the mother figure that helped shape you? In the lead-up to Mother’s Day, we want to celebrate some of the incredible, generous and supportive caregivers in our community. Our series Mother Figures  is our way of showing recognition and giving thanks to the diverse range of women who sacrifice so much of themselves in the name of love.

As sisters who lost our mother when we were younger, we know not everyone is lucky enough to have a mother in their lives. Mother Figures is about those people who step up to support us, including step mums, aunties, sisters, foster mums, single parents, grandparents and more. We want to introduce you to 3 amazing women and the mother figure that inspired them. First up is Maggie May Moshe owner of Think Thornbury. 

 Maggie May Moshe is the co-owner of the colourful Melbourne-based gift shop, Think Thornbury, alongside her husband and musician, Joshua Moshe. She’s also a mother, artist and creative, with Think Thornbury serving as a space for emerging local talent to share their wares.

For Maggie, Mother’s Day serves as a “poignant reminder” of her late nanna, who taught her important life lessons of kindness, resilience and resourcefulness.  Below, we chat about family, self-discovery, and the journey her business has taken her on.

Who has been a mother figure to you in your life?  Tell us a little about your relationship with them? 

My Nanna was a significant mother figure in my life. She was funny, kind, and taught me invaluable skills like navigating the internet and baking a perfect sponge cake. She always took pride in my accomplishments and would read my business's Google reviews like they were report cards. Losing her was more than tough, and Mother's Day serves as a poignant reminder of her absence. The fact that I was once a part of her assures me that she will always be an integral part of who I am. The love continues. 

What is a life lesson that you have learnt from this mother figure?

I learned some important life lessons from my Nanna that have truly impacted me. She taught me the value of kindness, resilience, and resourcefulness. Nanna's creativity inspired me, and I've also carried on her love for documenting life in my own way.

What event in your life has shaped you and why?

When I first opened my shop, Think Thornbury, I used to affectionately call it "My Baby." However, after becoming a mother myself, I realized that there are fundamental differences between the two. While I deeply care about my business and it occupies my thoughts, it pales in comparison to the connection I have with my son. Selling my business and walking away is an option, albeit a difficult one, however the same cannot be said for my child. This realization has helped me establish healthier boundaries with my business.  

I find it empowering when we, especially women, celebrate our businesses without comparing them to our children. We have the ability to excel as business owners without feeling the need to equate them to our offspring or compare the two. In fact, when we treat them as businesses, they can flourish in extraordinary ways, bringing us fulfilment and joy.

 What advice would you give your 20 year old self?

Embrace self-discovery, take risks, and trust in yourself. Mistakes shape you, so learn from them. Surround yourself with positivity, cherish relationships, and prioritize well-being. Trust that everything will fall into place and if it doesn't you can always rebuild. Both things can be true, try and see all things from every perspective. Even if you think you're right, you don't need to convince the world you are. You're capable of greatness, so enjoy the journey.

PS: The popular girls are never going to let you sit at their table so you have to make your own.

What are you most proud of about yourself?

I'm really proud of opening Think Thornbury, choosing to be an Artist and the amazing journey it has taken me on. It's a reflection of my determination and the courage to pursue my dreams. What makes me even prouder is that I've stayed true to myself and embraced vulnerability in a world that often encourages us to put up walls. By being authentic and open, I've formed deep connections, inspired others, and created a space where genuine interactions thrive. Looking back, it's wonderful to see how far I've come and the positive impact I've had on my own life and the lives of those around me.

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