Collective Conversations...Talking to Florist & Artist Kayla Moon

Women standing outside florist Xflos wearing Collective Closets High waist skirt
At Collective Closets, we believe in individuality, authenticity, and celebrating the power of a woman. As businesswomen, we share the story of our influences and upbringing through our designs and the beautiful textiles we grew up with. We created Collective Conversations to spotlight the amazing women in our community and find out how they share their own stories. This series spotlights members of our tribe, gaining insight into their values, passions, and the drive behind what they do.
Kayla Moon working at desk wearing Collective Closest Twill Drawstring Skirt


This month, we're talking to Kayla Moon (they/them/she/her). A florist, artist and self-proclaimed chameleon, Kayla feels most at home surrounded by nature – which is what makes her floral business, Xflos, so special.

 Her personal evolution has been a “wild ride”. Growing up in an alternative household, Kayla lived in the back of old trucks and caravans until her teens, when she took a leap of faith and moved to Melbourne. Once she found floristry as an art form, Kayla’s life changed dramatically. Now, she’s ever-changing and always working to better herself, simply wanting to remain “cool, calm and happy as hell”. Below, Kayla speaks more on her personal evolution.


Kayla Moon reading magazine wearing Urafiki High waisted Pants


Describe yourself in 3 words?
Playful, intuitive, inspired.


Who's a style icon that you are channeling this season?
That's hard for me to narrow down to one individual as I usually have a pretty large mood board. Taking bits and pieces of different icons. Right now it's Winona Ryder, 90s skater boys, Jessica Alba in Honey, and Audrey Hepburn, Velma from Scooby-Doo, & Adam Sandler.

What has your personal evolution looked like?
An absolutely wild ride. I grew up alternative with a single hippie mama in Byron Bay, little sister by my side, and we lived in the back of old trucks and caravans until I was a teen. It wasn’t always easy, but it was always enchanted. Mama was good at bringing the magic. When the bad parts of our lifestyle triggered a full teen rebellion, I moved to Melbourne to find out more about my extended family and dropped out of high school. I spent the next few years struggling with addiction issues and learning about the punk and art scene. 

When I found floristry as an art form, my life changed drastically. Nothing had ever engulfed me more. I would spend my early twenties refining my craft, meeting friends that were better for me, and getting to know my mental health well enough to take better care of it. I would say I've worked my ass off to get where I am and wouldn’t regret a day of it. The places I've been and shit I've seen have definitely built my character and rewarded me with an open heart and mind.
Kayla Moon wearing Mpito Vest standing inside Xflos florist
Xflos flower arrangement by Kayla Moon
Kayla Moon wearing Collective Closets Mpito vest

 How do you balance career, personal life, and passions? Is there such a thing as balance?

There is absolutely such a thing as balance! Working for myself grants me the ability to create my own schedule and place value on living by my menstrual cycle and nature. My body and its pleasure is my guide in this life; I've learned over time how to look after it no matter what the contrast. If it's staying in bed all day to watch reality TV and snack in bed or if it's going hiking with friends, all avenues of needs are welcome. It's all about moderation. 

My great grandma always told me-life is vast,  broad and complex, and if we really listen to ourselves and check in with what we need, I believe we can find it. It took me a long time to understand that “health” is a spectrum and all parts of us deserve attention. If my inner Paris Hilton needs me, that's what’s happening; if my inner yoga bro needs me, that's what we are doing that day. A perfect balance of discipline and spontaneity, coming right up.

How have you evolved as a person?

I believe I have learned how my nature and conditioning have worked to create the person I am. That's been the biggest lesson. In trying to decipher between the two, to take responsibility for how I react to things, and try to live the most peaceful life possible. I have evolved with my desires and ambitions and settled into a pretty comfortable place inside myself in my late 20s.

What are the ways you stay grounded and take care of yourself?

I use many tools I grew up using: tarot, meditation, yoga, the general hippie schedule of my conditioned environment. I supplement this with a good doom scroll, pop music, and lots of eating and dancing with friends. Living in nature is one of my biggest MUSTS. I moved out of the city almost 3 years ago, and I gotta tell ya - she is doing much better. Additionally, doing exercises like climbing and pole dancing that I find entertaining also keep me close to nature and grounded in my body.

Kayla Moon wearing Collective Closets High waisted skirt
Kayla Moon wearing Collective Closets High waisted skirt

 What stage of your evolution are you currently in?

At the moment, I am trying to say less, peace and minimal exertion (unless appropriate) are my current guides. I am halfway through my Saturn return and have rinsed myself clean of a certain toxicity I used to thrive on. I would say I’m in my zen barbie era.

Why is it so important to honor yourself?

You’re where you start and where you end. Your center of gravity should be within. LOVE YOURSELF SILLY. YOU ARE IT BABY!!

Which things felt important to you ten years ago that no longer matter to you now?

“Fitting in.” I am no longer worried about how people perceive me but rather just being as kind and authentic as possible.

Kayla Moon wearing Twill drawstring skirt
Kayla Moon inside florist Xflos wearing Tuka Trench Coat

As you've changed and evolved, how have the people in your life adapted to your evolution?

Some have of course, others have drifted away. I think we should normalize friendships having their time and their expiry. I am very lucky to live alongside some very long-term and incredible folks who have helped me grow and I them. Reciprocity and honesty are key.

How has your personal style evolved through the years?

My personal style is something my friends would call “notable.” What happens for me emotionally is always expressed through my outer layers. I have tried on many different hats and tattoos and leather jackets and shades of lipstick. I have given myself numerous names, genders, and sexual orientations, all of which have come with a look of reference to where I’m at in that present moment. I work in eras, moving through comfortably and insecurity with clothing and a creative vanity.

What do you envision the final form of your evolution will look like?

I don’t think there is a final form. I work in many different iterations of myself and am always changing. I have some big ideas about some icons for my 30’s, but that's as far as I can see right now. Who knows who I'll be next year. I just want to remain cool, calm, and happy as hell.

Kayla Moon wearing Tuka Trench Coat
Kayla Moon wearing Tuka Trench coat


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